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Chair Design

This is a concept lounge chair design. The body of the chair is constructed with a curved maple wood base. A hollow aluminum body is attached to the top of the base, providing a stark contrast between the two materials. Leather cushions are installed into grooves in the aluminum and attached via Velcro. This allows for the cushions to be easily removed for washing; it also enables the user to change the colors of the cushions over time.

Desk Design

This is a concept L-shaped desk that experiments with hexagonal design. The body of the desk is made of anodized aluminum. The work surface is colored matte glass that is laid over the hexagonal frame. The main portion of the desk is blue glass, whereas the elevated sections are black glass to provide a more interesting contrast. The matte glass and anodized aluminum are extremely durable materials that can easily withstand heavy use. The reflective qualities of the aluminum also adds more light and color to the desk space.

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